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Ace Combat 6
Fires of Liberation

Developer:Namco Bandai
Publisher:Project Aces
Platform:XBOX 360
Genre:Flight Action
Release Date:October 2007
Article Posted:December 2007

Enter the latest installment of the highly successful Ace Combat series. Ace Combat 6 delivers adrenaline pumping action and new features not found in the previous Ace Combat titles.

The plot is basically similar to the other titles. A country is explicitly attacked by another country that is run by a superior military regime. During the course of the following missions, the struggling country gets back to its feet and retaliates against the invader.

AC6 puts players in the shoes of a pilot known only as Garuda 1 (callsign Talisman). With the help of wingman Garuda 2 (Shamrock), they are able to turn the tides of battle with their actions.


One of the new features of the game is the DOS (Dynamic Operations System). Most of the missions in AC6 are comprised of several operations or individual battles, which players need to complete a certain quota of these operations/battles in order to accomplish the whole mission.

=Allied Support=

In the player's HUD, the new AS (Allied Support) Gauge has been added. This gauge fills up when the player and his allies destroy targets.

Once the gauge has gained at least one bar, players can request for Allied Cover and Allied Attack commands. These are similar to wingman cover and attack commands but on a larger scale.

Allied units from completed operations can be called for support as well, leading to more effective attack runs.


A feature first introduced in Ace Combat 5, the player's wingman can be ordered to attack or cover him/her. Players can't choose when the wingman uses his SP weapons. This is just a small letdown, especially when your team is caught in a tight web of enemy fighters and your wingman just goes around chasing enemies in an attempt to shoot them down with conventional missiles. Either way, having a wingman takes a bit of the load off the player's shoulders.

=Frontline Resupply=

This is another great addition to the game. In some missions, there are operations that will require players to defend or capture airbases/runways. When cleared, players will be allowed to use the runway for immediate re-supply, re-arming and repairs. Players are vulnerable from enemy fire while landing or taking off so they will need to clear the skies or order an allied cover while doing an emergency landing.

The game also features return lines in all missions. Return lines are available in other AC versions but only on select missions.


Players will still have the chance to unlock medals, assault records, aircraft colors and, of course, achievements.


The game has only a small lineup of modern and efficient aircraft. The old favorites such as the ADF-01 Falken and X-02 Wyvern are not featured in the game. Instead, a new fictional aircraft CFA-44 Nosferatu is included, and will be the most powerful aircraft in the game.

=Weapons Payload=

One noticeable change in the game is the increased missile and SP weapon payload on all aircraft. This is due to the lengthy missions and multiple operations.


ESM (Electromagnetic Support Measures) is one of the new features in the game. Certain facilities and planes provide an ESM field where allied units within range have enhanced missile tracking and protection. Keep in mind that enemy forces use this support feature too.


Graphics: 90/100

Semi-Realistic environment and aircraft.....not to mention awesome CG and mid-battle scenes

Sound: 90/100

A great musical score provides the much needed theme for fast paced gameplay.

Controls: 80/100

Controls respond beautifully and the tutorials are very helpful in assisting new players.

Playability: 80/100

Game mechanics are easy to grasp. Learning curve is around an hour or so.

Replay Value: 70/100

After less than 30 hours or so, players can successfully complete all secrets. Other than online gaming, non-XBL players may stop playing the game after completing all the extras.