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Buccaneer's Bounty
Buccaneer’s Bounty
Publisher:Cinemaware Marquee
Genre:Real-Time Strategy
Release Date:May 2006
Article Posted:June 2006

Cinemaware Marquee is inviting players to sail across the seas, build truly massive trade empires, and engage in fierce naval battles with Buccaneer’s Bounty. The collection features three games from the development company Ascaron. The Buccaneer’s Bounty collection gives players a chance to experience the life of a seafaring merchant in three distinct ways. While the games included in the collection share many noticeable common features, each of them manages to deliver a unique experience that is sure to keep strategy gamers occupied for many hours.

Tortuga: Pirates of the New World takes players to the time of colonization at the Caribbean. As Spain, England, France, and Netherlands struggle to gain power over the region, players assume the role of a new captain looking for opportunities to advance his or her career while building up a massive fleet. The game primarily puts the focus on naval battles and completing missions for governors of various nations.

Patrician III: Rise of the Hanse takes players to Europe. Set in the 1300’s, Patrician III puts players in the role of an inexperienced merchant. By engaging in profitable trade with neighboring towns, players have to rise through the ranks and establish their trade empires. Through its intricate trade infrastructure, Patrician III emphasizes business ownership and town development aspects over naval warfare.

The best title of the package is Port Royale 2: Cartels, Construction & Conquest. It is a rich game that features a great number of distinct elements. Port Royale 2, successfully merges a well-developed trade interface, many town building features, and engaging naval battles all in one game. While players are encouraged to familiarize themselves with all aspects of the game, Port Royale 2 also leaves a lot of room for gamers to experiment with different techniques and focus on various elements of the game.

Since the Buccaneer’s Bounty package features three distinct games with a number of different features, we are reviewing each title separately. However, when viewed as a whole, the Buccaneer’s Bounty package is an easy recommendation for players who enjoy trading games. While the individual titles are not brand new, they remain more than playable in 2006 and work without any problems in modern systems. Especially considering the attractive budget price of the package, strategy gamers who have not had a chance to play the three games in the past should consider giving it a try.

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