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The Game that Takes Place on a Cruise Ship
The Game that Takes
Place on a Cruise Ship
Developer: Deirdra Kiai Productions
Publisher: Deirdra Kiai Productions
Platform: PC
Genre: Adventure
Release Date: March 2006
Article Posted: May 2006

The Game that Takes Place on a Cruse Ship is a freeware game developed by Deirdra Kiai. It is a point and click adventure that brings back memories of the early days of adventure gaming. The main character of The Game That Takes Place on a Cruise Ship is Gertrude. The game begins as Gertrude finds out that she has won a cruise on the S.S. Asylum. Being accustomed to never winning anything, she is quite excited for her trip. Curiously, Gert packs rather lightly for the cruise. She brings along her rather worthless degree in rhymatology. Gert carries the degree around the ship to make herself feel important. She also has a potato chip that looks like Michel Jackson and a bottle of sleeping pills. This seemingly odd ensemble of items may even come in handy, you never know.

All of the passengers on board the S. S. Asylum are not as odd as the name of the ship might indicate. However, quite a few of them are strange enough to make fitting passengers on the cruise ship. There is a poor guy that you need to befriend, a scary biker guy with a knife, and an obnoxious French Maitre’d to name a few. During her exploits, Gertrude may have to fulfill the prophecy of the Circle Worshipers, join the 1337 Spellcasters Guild, or even win a talent contest. The choices you will make throughout the game leads Gertrude to one of four different endings. The four branches of the path of the game are quite different and worth exploring individually. Make sure you save your game at the decision points so that you will easily have the opportunity to try them all without having to replay the entire game. There is no limit on the number of saves.

The Game that Takes Place on a Cruise Ship is predominantly played using the mouse. However, the game does feature a number of keyboard shortcuts. Players will also have to use the keyboard to play the mini-games featured as part of the adventure.

The game offers six action verbs for your use. You can examine, pick up, talk to, smell, use or consume as you wish. You first click on the action verb and then either the inventory item or object you wish to interact with. The default action is walking. Be sure to try smelling the Maitre’d to get Gert’s true opinion of him.

As you explore the different levels of the cruise ship, you will pick up a variety of items. The majority of the puzzles are inventory based, but there are a few mini-games that don’t use the inventory. For instance, joining the 1337 Spellcasters guild requires you to win at the Wizard Warble mini-game. If you have a hard time accomplishing this task, you can consult the members of the guild. They will give you hints to help you win the mini-game.

The Game that Takes Place on a Cruise Ship features bright and simple graphics. The locations on the cruise ship are varied. Among the more memorable locations is the Spit Valve Jazz bar, complete with a spit valve fountain and an octopus at the drums. Some of the other locations include a swimming pool, theater, arcade, gift shop, and a disco. The game has a nice sound track, but there is no voice acting. You will need to read all of the dialogue, but this should not detract from the experience.

The Game that Takes Place on a Cruise Ship makes for a nice way to spend an afternoon. Especially considering it is available as freeware, the game is a very good adventure offering.