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That Night Before - Act 2
Developer:Scurvyliver Entertainment
Publisher:Scurvyliver Entertainment
Release Date:2001
Article Posted:June 2006

A flash of white light envelops you. What sort of place is this? How were you brought here? For a moment, you feel lost and confused. Then memories of the past night come flooding into your mind. It was the night before the big event. You were about to begin an exciting new chapter. But things certainly did not go as you expected. Your entire life was altered in the course of a few hours. Just when you thought you had everything figured out, you got yourself into more trouble than ever. And now you find yourself in this strange place. Is this just a weird dream or an important revelation?

Suddenly an apparition appears before you with an extremely urgent message. You are reminded that time is running extremely short. You have to hurry up and set things right. It is all up to you, the eighteen year-old, brave adventure game hero Roy Haliway. In a flash, the apparition and the white light disappear. You find yourself in what appears to be a prison cell. It is time to find a way to break free and get to the bottom of the mystery.

The second act of That Night Before is the story of an escape. The episode takes place inside a small series of tunnels. Your goal is to find your way out of the tunnels and back to the city. Only then you will be able to find the ones that have wronged you. Once you are free, you will be able to claim what is rightfully yours. But before you can leave the tunnels, you will have to figure out how to get out of the cell in which you start the game. Between strange contraptions, mysterious symbols, and a rather exceptional monkey, the second episode should prove to be a fairly pleasant albeit extremely brief challenge.

The second episode has a much different feel than the first one. Instead of traveling all over town and visiting a variety of locations, players are limited to a very small area. The entire episode spans across just a handful of screens. While the small area you are able to explore does improve the sense of entrapment, act two could have greatly benefited from several more rooms and a number of additional puzzles.

The style of the puzzles is also vastly different in the second episode. Rather than interacting with different characters and solving a variety of inventory-based puzzles, players have to carefully observe the environment for clues and figure out how to solve a couple of logic puzzles. The puzzles are somewhat more difficult than the challenges featured in the first episode. Nevertheless, a careful survey of the environment should still provide you all the clues you will need.

The controls are identical to the first episode. You will guide the main character Roy Haliway from a third-person perspective. Action buttons on the bottom left section of the screen help you interact with different objects. The inventory is always visible along the bottom section of the screen next to the action buttons.

The second act of That Night Before is the weakest chapter in the series. Players are confined to too small of an area with only a handful of things to do. However, the second act still manages to maintain the lighthearted and somewhat whimsical tone of the game. A plot twist in the second episode nicely sets the stage for subsequent chapters of the game. Even though it is not the high point of That Night Before, the second act should give you a fairly pleasant fifteen to twenty minutes before you head over to the good stuff in the following acts.

The final grade for the second act is 65/100