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That Night Before - Act 3
Developer:Scurvyliver Entertainment
Publisher:Scurvyliver Entertainment
Release Date:2001
Article Posted:June 2006

It sure took a lot of effort, but you are finally freed from your prison and back in the city. Only a precious few hours remain before the big event. You know it is going to be difficult, but you have to find a way to set things right. You cannot let the bad guys win. You will have to rely on your quick wit and resourcefulness to claim what is rightfully yours. But how can you thwart them when they are so close to victory? You will need a very clever plan. It is time to think outside the box. It is time to explore parts of the city you may have never even dreamed of visiting.

The third act of That Night Before feels like one intricate puzzle. At the beginning of the episode, with a little bit of help, Roy will put together his master plan to defeat the bad guys at their own game. In order to overcome his greatest challenge, Roy has to go all over the city and put the pieces of the puzzle together. There are obstacles to overcome at every turn. Roy’s job will not be easy, but the promising reward and the joy of outwitting the bad guys should be more than worth the trouble.

In the third act of That Night Before, Players will have a chance to return to a number of the locations from the first act. These familiar locations have been populated with brand new puzzles to keep players busy. There are also a number of new places to explore around the city. In order to successfully execute his plan, Roy will have to take a trip to the bad part of the town and meet a couple of rather shady characters. Players will have a chance to interact with a handful of new characters as Roy discovers new ways to get into trouble.

The challenges featured in the third act of the game more closely resemble the first episode than the second. There are essentially three parts to Roy’s plan. Of course, in typical adventure game fashion, completing these objectives is anything but straightforward. Before he can claim the required items and execute his plan, Roy has to overcome a number of challenges.

The puzzles typically involve finding inventory items and using them at the correct hotspots. With the possible exception of a single and relatively small item, inventory items should be easy to locate. If you carefully examine each location, you should not have much trouble finding the things you will need. Determining the correct way to use the items should not be terribly challenging either. The third episode of That Night Before makes a good job of delivering a variety of inventory-based puzzles that are neither insultingly easy nor too much of a burden to take the focus from the storyline. There are a couple of puzzles where the answer may not be the most logical solution that would come to your mind. But this is a minor problem at best and should not take away much from the game play.

The pleasant atmosphere of the game is fully intact in the third episode. The control structure is also identical to the previous acts. However, the overall feel of the third chapter is noticeably different. The first act was about piecing together clues to determine what happened to Roy and his girlfriend Natasha on the fateful night that launched the adventure. The second episode told the story of an escape. By the time they reach act three, players will have most of the answers. Your ultimate objective in the episode is almost completely clear from the beginning. The focus is on besting the bad guys and completing the smaller tasks to reach your ultimate objective. However, even though you will be keenly aware of your eventual goal, the game still throws in a couple of plot twists to keep you interested. There are also a number of humorous moments that keep the game entertaining from the beginning until the end. Perhaps the most notable of these is how Roy manages to win a rather dubious paper, rock, and scissors game.

The third episode of That Night Before is much more engaging and entertaining than the previous chapter. The relaxed atmosphere is accentuated by many humorous moments. It also helps that the episode is significantly longer than the second act and somewhat lengthier than the first one. The chapter feels like a mini-adventure that has its own style and objectives while still fitting nicely into the overall game. As usual, there is a plot twist at the end to spice things up a bit before the grand finale. Even if you did not like the previous chapters of the game, the third episode might get you interested and anxious to see the completion of the adventure.