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That Night Before - Act 4
Developer:Scurvyliver Entertainment
Publisher:Scurvyliver Entertainment
Release Date:2002
Article Posted:June 2006

On board a beautiful ship, you enjoy the sea for a moment. Just one day ago you were being accused of kidnapping your own girlfriend. Your quest to uncover the clues put you in great danger. Now all of that seems to be so far behind you. It is time to relax and revel in your victory, or so you think.

As the ship sails away from the harbor, you quickly realize you were not as successful as you hoped. You are far from besting the bad guys and claiming your reward. You realize you are in a bigger mess than ever. You do not have many options. You have to keep moving forward and fully uncover the mystery. Maybe then you will be able to find a way to thwart the bad guys.

The final episode of That Night Before delivers a greatly entertaining experience. The vast majority of the episode is an intricate scavenger hunt. Using an odd placemat as your only guide, you go on a quest to acquire a series of items. From an abandoned restaurant to a film studio, you will get to visit a new batch of locations around the city. Your objective may not be initially clear. However, clues are available for those who know how to look. And even the most unlikely character may be able to help you a great deal if you ask the right questions.

Once again, Scurvyliver has managed to create a game that offers a distinct experience while successfully blending with the rest of the series. By now, the controls will have become second nature to players. The whimsical atmosphere of the series is maintained throughout the episode. From puzzle solutions to the quirky characters, every element of the game once again has a touch of humor.

At the same time, the structure of act four sets is apart from the rest of the game. While you will be exploring the town and predominantly solving inventory-based puzzles as in the first and the third episodes, the nature of your quest is noticeably different. This time you are not trying to regain your memories or focus entirely on outwitting the best guys. Roy’s job is to uncover the clues that will help him overcome the last obstacle before he can complete his adventure.

The new set of locations featured in act four are packed with puzzles. In order the uncover all the clues, Roy will have to show a truly great amount of persistence, tirelessly question other characters, and keep his eyes open for anything that might be useful. Overcoming the puzzles will take careful observation and a good amount of creative thinking.

Just like the other acts, the fourth chapter of That Night Before is not exceptionally long. However, players should find quite a bit more to do in the final act of the adventure. Individual locations are somewhat better defined in terms of featuring multiple screens and a good amount of interactive objects. Adventure gamers should enjoy uncovering the mystery.

The conclusion of the story is very appropriate for the series. Players will finally see Roy’s arduous journey come to its conclusion. Of course, consistent with the rest of the series, the conclusion throws a couple of plot twists to make absolutely sure the game does not conclude exactly as you might expect. There are some noticeable plot holes. Unpretentiously, even the game itself acknowledges this with a joke. You may also be left with a couple of unanswered questions. However, if you just sit back and enjoy the lighthearted tone of the game, any loopholes should be negligible.

That Night Before does not strive to be an instant classic or a radically original and unforgettable adventure game. Instead, the game offers a casual and humorous adventure gaming experience. Especially the fourth episode of the game has many enjoyable moments. Considering the relatively meager download sizes and the fact that the entire series is available free of charge, That Night Before is certainly worth a try. Since the fourth act has some of the best moments in the series, it is strongly recommended for players who decide to try the first episode to go through the entire series.

Viewed as a whole, That Night Before is better than the sum of its parts. Throughout the four chapters Scuryliver weaves an engaging, greatly entertaining, and pleasantly funny adventure game. Here’s hoping that Roy Haliway will make his way back to our computers with a brand new adventure someday.