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Destination: Treasure Island
Destination: Treasure Island
Developer:Kheops Studio
Publisher:Kheops Studio
Release Date:July 2007
Article Posted:June 2011*
*Originally appeared at Jonathon's blog

Destination: Treasure Island is a 3D point and click adventure game by Kheops Studios. The game's story is written as a sequel to Robert Louis Stevenson's 1883 Treasure Island novel. As such, it is a tale filled with pirates, hidden treasure, adventure, danger, and romance. The presentation is very well done, with great graphics, engaging voice overs, and memorable music. And the gameplay is very enjoyable and provides a good challenge.

Four years have passed since Jim Hawkins and Long John Silver marooned the mutinous crew on Treasure Island. Since then they have parted ways and lost contact. The crew have escaped the island and are on a quest for revenge against Jim and Long John. The game starts with the crew attacking Jimís ship. As Jim escapes, he encounters Captain Flint, Long Johnís parrot. The parrot is delivering a message from his master. Evidently, Long John has died and left his substantial fortune to Jim. Captain Flint has the directions to Emerald Island and a series of riddles Jim must solve in order to obtain the treasure.

The gameplay of Destination: Treasure island is very entertaining and varied with a plethora of inventory and logic puzzles, as well as riddles and even a knot-tying mini-game. These puzzles are somewhat non-linear and even allow multiple solutions in some cases and slightly divergent paths. One interesting, if overall quite boring, puzzle type is the the knot mini-game which happens whenever the player attempts to use a rope in the game. And even if it was not enjoyable gameplay wise, it was nice to see the developers at least trying to incorporate some sailing aspects to the puzzles to juxtapose against the plot and setting.

The inventory puzzles, which are a staple of Kheops Studio, are complex and enjoyable. Inventory items are always used in logical ways and players are often required to combine or disassemble objects adding a whole new layer of complexity and interaction. However, the riddles are what really make this game stand out. From the very beginning you are given a series of riddles, called enigmas, that will guide you on your adventure and give you the needed hints to allow you to attempt to solve the puzzles in the game and reach the treasure at the end. So you are not just blindly solving puzzles and picking up objects simply because they are there. With the enigmas you have a guiding goal in mind to validate your actions and this extremely unique aspect of the game really makes it so much more enjoyable.

With above average puzzles, a surprisingly unique and very much enjoyable riddle system, good jungle visuals, and a interesting plot, Destination: Treasure Islands is the culmination of a great many well done features and if nothing else if a well made and enjoyable adventure game.


PC System Requirements:
Windows 98 SE
800 MHz CPU
512 MB RAM
64 MB video card compatible with DirectXģ 9.0
1.2 GB hard disk space